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Incipit, Latin for here begins, offer a unique service in a society beset by pension fiascos, mis-advice by companies and governments; a society where people are  anxious about retirement due to lack of fiscal security.

We provide a wide range of services including Pension traceing, Pension  calculations and investigating valid claims for mis-advice on SERPS.

Pensions Pension Trace SERPS
Wherever you look, whatever you read its Pension failure here Pension failure there, Pensions in crisis; massive overhaul needed, change in laws required.
All this to come when you had hoped for a safe and secure retirement. The whole point of investing for your future/retirement was so you could enjoy it. What went wrong and what can you do?
People change jobs, employees change names, we all forget things.
So it easy to lose track of pensions you have paid into. If you do not look for them, they certainly won’t come looking for you.
We have access to The Pensions Scheme registry which holds details of around 200000 schemes. We can also obtain an individuals work and contribution record.
The SERPS Pension Fiasco perpetrated by this and Previous Governments led to the setup of this company.
Anybody who had requested information concerning the Inheritance of SERPS between 1987 and 1999 would more than likely have received incorrect and incomplete, either directly or indirectly, information from the Government.
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